Dunning skills: so dunning, the money will be returned
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Dunning skills: so dunning, the money will be returned

(Summary description)Dunning should be straightforward. Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to say something straight, never say sorry or go around.

Dunning skills: so dunning, the money will be returned

(Summary description)Dunning should be straightforward. Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to say something straight, never say sorry or go around.

  • 2014-07-26

1. Dunning should be straightforward. Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to say something straight, never say sorry or go around.

2. Before taking action, find out what caused the delinquency. Whether it is negligence, dissatisfaction with the product, lack of funds, or intentional, different collection strategies should be adopted for different situations.

3. Find the initial contact directly. Never let customers blame each other and lead by the nose.

4. Don't be aggressive. It is not advisable to find a way to vent your anger when you are rushing to pay, or even make extreme behaviors. Once the skin is torn, customers may rely on it, and it will become more and more difficult to collect payment.

5. Don't be afraid of losing customers due to dunning. Payment due, of course. Fear of making customers unhappy, or losing customers, will only make customers gain an inch, and encourage this bad habit. In fact, as long as the skills are used properly, the collection can be used as an opportunity to communicate with customers. Of course, if a customer insists on not paying, what's the big deal about losing that customer?

6. Make a decisive decision and suspend the supply in time, especially in response to the threat of "no more payment if the customer does not supply"; otherwise, it will only get deeper and deeper.

7. The collection time is very important, and the principle of "regular collection" is adhered to. The longer it drags on, the harder it will be to get it back. Research by foreign institutions specializing in collection shows that the difficulty of collection depends on the age of the account rather than the amount of the account. Only 20% of the arrears of more than 2 years can be recovered, while 80% of the arrears within 2 years can be recovered. .

8. One of the biggest missteps is asking for a partial payment up front. Experience has shown that full payment should be required, and while it is better to get a little than nothing, it is better to get more back.

9. Adopt a competitive collection strategy. As long as the customer is still in business, he has to pay the supplier. If you didn't receive the money, he must have paid someone else. Suppliers who get priority payment opportunities are usually businesses that maintain good long-term business and personal relationships with their customers, because no one wants to mess with a friend.

10. The collection must have "drilling energy" and the spirit of relentless pursuit. From my practice, I have figured out the strategy of "three closely followed" for debtors (business parties, the person in charge, and the person in charge of finance). on the way home. Although it is a bit excessive, I have to do it! Drops of water and stones are worn, and the rope is sawed and wood is broken, and sometimes it does play a role of "hard work pays off".

11. The collection must be "soft". Morally speaking, if you owe money to others, you are apologetic, and you should treat creditors with courtesy. But there are many debtors, some of whom treat you with a stern face, some are dismissive of you, and some even do not let you in! Say all the good things in the world, put on a sincere smile, and implement "emotional investment" in the "three kinds of people".

12. The collection must be "tenacity". Collection of arrears is a long-term and arduous business. Debt collectors must have perseverance and perseverance. Even if others unreasonably send you like a beggar, they must bear the humiliation and stand their ground. If you run away, you will lose all your efforts. Seeing a glimmer of light, never miss the opportunity, and at the same time learn to complain, not to sympathize with the other party, but to let the other party sympathize.

13. Get help from professional bill collectors or go to the law. There are always some liars and unreasonable customers who refuse to pay back their debts. To be reasonable with them is like "playing a piano to a cow". It is often difficult to use normal collection methods, while some very irregular and even ingenious methods of collection reminders can work wonders. . Therefore, when it is difficult to collect money, you can invite those "professional collection personnel" who have special collection capabilities and rich collection experience to collect the money. If this method still does not work, the only option left is to go straight to the legal route.

Dedicated to customers who do not pay back on time

Once there was an opportunity to put an account in front of you, you didn't know how to cherish it.

The first time, you said that you don't have time: (it's okay, then tomorrow)

The second time, you said that it happened to be urgent, so---- (that's okay, this situation is possible)

The third time, you haven't reached the checkout time (of course I won't rush you),

ok! You are dishonest again and again, until one day you lose it, you will regret it.

When you say "give me another chance". I will tell you: "impossible"!

You can tell me when you are in trouble, but you can't tell me every day that you are in trouble! Because I also have difficulties! As far as I know, the company is not a factory specializing in lending to people, nor is it that I am unreasonable and unreasonable. No one will ask you for money if they want to open or close their mouths. When it comes time to ask you for money, that is - you have no integrity!

As the saying goes: I would rather earn less than hang myself on a tree. You can say that I am arrogant, but you have to learn to compare your heart to your heart. I have always felt that quality is the foundation of a company's survival! And integrity is the lifeblood of a company's survival! No one's contribution is taken for granted, don't think that others are so good to you, they have ulterior motives! Don't always think that others make you how much money, that is the foundation of doing business, don't think that it is what others should do, and people should be content and happy.

Friends, please cherish everyone around you, don't let others think that there is no difference between one more you and one less you! That's when your credibility ends.


A solution for automotive gear shift switch based on Hangshun chip automotive grade MCU HK32A040C8T3
A solution for automotive gear shift switch based on Hangshun chip automotive grade MCU HK32A040C8T3
Throughout the global development of passenger cars, automatic transmission has been widely adopted. Its simple and easy to learn, convenient and intelligent characteristics bring drivers a more comfortable driving experience, and also better adapt to urban traffic. The implementation of the automatic shift function actually uses a gear shift switch instead of manual operation. The gear shift switch will control the shift fork and gear shift based on different engine speeds, vehicle speeds, and the driver's intention to press the accelerator. To achieve these automated operations, a shift switch requires a brain. The Hangshun chip M0 series automotive grade MCU HK32A040C8T3 is such a "brain", applied in gear shift switch schemes. Its main function is to receive signals from the gear shift switch and convert these signals into electrical signals that can control the car's engine, transmission, and other parts, thereby simplifying driving operations and providing great convenience for the driver. In the process of developing its new generation of electric vehicles, in order to ensure that the vehicle's performance, reliability, and safety reach the optimal level, after in-depth technical evaluation and multiple rounds of screening, Selis New Energy Vehicles finally chose a gear shift switch scheme based on the Hangshun chip HK32A040C8T3. The Selis engineering team has conducted a rigorous review of the functional characteristics, processing speed, power consumption performance, environmental adaptability, and cost-effectiveness of the Hangshun HK32A040C8T3 MCU in multiple dimensions. Hangshun's MCU has successfully conquered the engineering team with its outstanding performance, especially in high reliability and strong anti-interference ability. In addition, HK32A040C8T3 has high integration and flexible peripheral interfaces, providing engineers with greater design freedom and optimization space, making the entire electronic control system more compact and efficient. HK32A040 using ARM ®  Cortex ®- M0 core, with a maximum operating frequency of 96MHz, built-in up to 124 Kbyte Flash and 10 Kbyte SRAM. By configuring the Flash controller registers, the remapping of interrupt vectors within the main Flash area can be achieved. And it supports traditional Flash Level 0/1/2 read-write protection and Flash code encryption (patented by Hangshun). Strong scalability 32-bit ARM CPU architecture, good ecological environment Rich peripheral resources to meet platform expansion Multiple packaging options available for LQFP64, LQFP48, QFN32, and QFN28 high reliability Car specification quality, compliant with AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Complies with ISO 9001 and IATFT 16949 quality management systems Supports -40 ℃~125 ℃ High cost performance ratio Equal performance/resources, with higher cost-effectiveness Quality service Complete ecological supporting facilities 15 years of design life, with a supply chain guarantee of over 15 years The gear shift switch scheme based on the Hangshun Vehicle Class MCU HK32A040C8T3 has been successfully applied in the Sailis new energy vehicle, which not only improves the electronic control efficiency of the entire vehicle, but also achieves lower energy consumption and better user experience. The Hangshun chip series vehicle grade MCU HK32A040 can be widely used in vehicle domain controllers, such as doors and windows, tail lights, wipers, anti-theft alarms, car keys, air conditioning, electric seats, etc. Hangshun Chip adheres to the strategy of SoC+32-bit high-end MCU in automotive standards. In recent years, it has invested a large amount of research and development resources in the field of automotive electronics, committed to providing the market with higher reliability and more cost-effective automotive chip solutions, helping customers achieve a win-win situation in cost control and user experience.
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Hangshun chip has obtained the highest ASIL D certification in ISO 26262, and the automotive functional safety management system has been further upgraded
Hangshun chip has obtained the highest ASIL D certification in ISO 26262, and the automotive functional safety management system has been further upgraded
Recently, the international independent third-party testing, inspection, and certification agency SGS has issued the ISO 26262:2018 ASIL D process certification certificate for the highest level of automotive functional safety to Shenzhen Hangshun Chip Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangshun Chip"). This marks that Hangshun Chip has established a comprehensive chip product software and hardware development process management system that meets the highest level of automotive functional safety requirements. It also confirms that Hangshun Chip's automotive MCU products and services can fully meet the automotive functional safety requirements of top automotive manufacturers in the product design and integration stage, greatly reducing the workload of customer self verification and certification, and accelerating product launch. With the development of electrification and intelligence in automobiles, safety is becoming increasingly important. These new technologies have introduced more electronic control systems and sensors, thus increasing the risk of system failures. The ISO 26262 standard is currently recognized globally as the functional safety process standard for automobiles. It is aimed at automotive OEMs and their global suppliers, covering the entire product lifecycle, including functional safety management, system stage development, software and hardware stage development, supporting all aspects such as processes, safety analysis, and product release. Through the guidance and application of standardized technical specifications, the risk of automotive electrical or electronic system failures is minimized, ultimately reducing related traffic accidents. During this certification process, SGS highly recognizes that the development process and quality management system of Hangshun chips fully comply with the requirements of ISO26262:2018 standard. At the same time, through this process, Hangshun Chip further sorted out the development process of functional standards throughout the entire lifecycle, improved the management ability of the functional safety team, and comprehensively forged a vehicle specification MCU chip team with both soft and hard strength, professional skills, and management capabilities. Starting from 2021, multiple families such as Hang Shun Chip SoC HK32AUTO39A and HK32A04AA have passed the AEC-Q100 standard certification, providing cost-effective and reliable development options for various automotive scenarios such as body control, automotive lighting, entertainment systems, and in car navigation. These products have been widely used in mainstream products of multiple top automotive brands. As a leading "automotive SoC+high-end MCU" design enterprise, Hangshun Chip always adheres to the product design concept of high performance and high safety, and actively establishes a quality management system that meets international standards. At present, Hangshun chip is accelerating the development of high-end automotive MCU to meet the ASIL-D level functional security and hardware encryption network security requirements, and new products will gradually serve automotive customers. About Hangshun chips Shenzhen Hangshun Chip Technology R&D Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, with branches and offices in Chengdu and Shanghai. It is committed to the dual strategy of "vehicle standard SoC+high-end MCU supermarket, making everything more intelligent and a better smart life", and realizing the great vision of "HK32MCU as the core, creating a boundaryless ecological platform level enterprise for Hangshun". The Hangshun HK32MCU is divided into economy type, mainstream type, low energy consumption type, high-performance type, specialized type, and innovative type, and is mass-produced and applied to thousands of customers in automotive, industrial, household appliances, IoT, and other industries. A total of eight rounds of strategic financing totaling hundreds of millions of yuan have been completed, and have successively won titles such as Forbes/Hurun Global Unicorn, China IC Unicorn, National Specialized and New Key "Little Giant" Enterprise, National Key Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise, and National High tech Enterprise. About SGS Global Functional Safety Technology Center SGS is an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing, and certification agency, serving as a benchmark for quality and integrity. The SGS Global Functional Safety Technology Center is an automotive functional safety training, consulting, and certification organization authorized by DaKKS in Germany. It is a functional safety partner for many well-known domestic and foreign automotive companies and component suppliers. Martin Schimt, the head of the technical center, is the initiator and drafter of ISO 26262. Currently, SGS has over 80 automotive functional safety experts and has issued over 335 ISO 26262 functional safety certification certificate
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