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Industrial control

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Industrial control

Hangshun chips meet the strict requirements of industrial applications. In the application of such products, high performance, high reliability and high durability are very important to the product requirements.。



Shanghai Hugong Welding Machine

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030F4P6

○ The highest working frequency 72MHz,16K Flash,10KB SRAM

○ Product working voltage: AC90-250V Power

○ Rated power, 5.5 kW

○ Excellent arc ignition performance and droplet transfer characteristics


Electric vehicle scanning code charging pile

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103C8T6

○ The highest working frequency 120MHz,64K Flash,20KB SRAM

○ Product working voltage: AC 220V input

○ AC output with car charger adapter charging method

○ Support two-way AC output, can charge two at the same time

○ Support WeChat scan code




NARI State Grid Power Protection Device

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103VET6

○ The highest working frequency120MHz,527K Flash,97KB SRAM

○ Support serial port, IIC, SPI, USB, FSMC, SDIO and other resources

○ Product working voltage: AC90-250V power supply

○ Rated power: 500 w

○ Small size, light weight, flexible configuration

○ With voltage protection, current protection


Multifunctional power meter

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103C8T6

○ Maximum operating frequency 96MHZ 128K Flash 20KB SRAM

○ Application field: Power measurement and control system

○ Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU communication protocol

○ Support three three lines, three four lines

○ Support high-brightness LED display of power, power factor, electricity, energy frequency, etc.


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