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Internet of Things

Rich peripherals, high computing power and ultra-low power consumption architecture design can give full play to the performance advantages of the Internet of Things. High security escorts data transmission.



Stage Lighting Control Solution

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103C8T6

○ The highest working frequency120MHz,64K Flash, 20KB SRAM

○ Product working voltage: external input 24V DC voltage power supply

○ Built-in DC motor light rotation drive

○ Support various functions of infrared remote control lighting

○ Support microphone detection sound control frequency flashing light


Blue Whale Intelligent Robot

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103RET6

○ The highest working frequency120MHz,527K Flash,97KB SRAM

○ Support serial port, IIC, SPI, ADC, USB, CAN, SDIO, FSMC and other resources

○ Working voltage: 3.7V lithium battery power supply

○ Built-in learning function, support APP operation

○ A variety of shape combinations, support forward and backward flip




Bull Smart Socket

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030MF4P6

○ The highest working frequency32MHz,16K Flash,2KB SRAM

○ Support serial port, IIC, SPI, ADC, buzzer and other resources

○ Working voltage: AC90-250V power supply

○ Rated power, 2500 w

○ Anti-electric shock, plug resistance, anti-burning

○ Anti-lightning, anti-high voltage, anti-overload, anti-leakage


Smart Health Robot

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030C8T6/LQFP48

○ The highest working frequency72MHz,64K Flash,10KB SRAM

○ Operating Voltage: DC5V USB interface built-in lithium battery

○ Support WIFI wireless APP control

○ Supports voice control as well as voice broadcast

○ Support air, temperature monitoring and large screen display

○ Supports efficient purification and effective sterilization




Energy tube

An Introduction:

○ Product size: L: 273.95*D: 40mm

○ Power supply mode: Lithium battery(3.7V 2600mAh)

○ Color temperature range: 3200k-6500k

○ Color rendering index: CRI 98

○ Features: Aviation aluminum alloy/ABS material, supports multiple dimming modes


Philips gimbal

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103RBT6/LQFP64

○ The highest working frequency96MHz,128K Flash,20KB SRAM

○ Source: Serial、I2C、SPI、TIM、RTC、ADC、DMA

○ Operating Voltage: USB ―5V Built-in lithium battery





An Introduction:

○ kernel: Cortex-M0,Maximum operating frequency: 72MHz

○ Flash ROM Size: 64KB,SRAM Size:10KB

○ Support DMA、USART、SPI、IIC、ADC、Peripherals such as advanced timers

○ Support advanced timer, RTC, internal and external high-speed low-speed oscillator


Infrared ranging instrument

An Introduction:

○ MCU model;HK32F103C8T6

○ Using M0 core, the highest operating frequency is 72MHz

○ Integrated on-chip 64KB Flash and 10KB SRAM

○ Single Power Domain: VDD 2.0V-5.5V

○ Support serial port, IIC, SPI, timer and other peripherals

○ Small and convenient, easy to carry




Dual Gigabit Dual Band Fiber Router

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030F4P6/TSSOP20

○ The highest working frequency72MHz,16K Flash,10KB SRAM

○ Resources: Serial, I2C, SPI, TIM, RTC, ADC, DMA

○ Operating Voltage: 12V

○ Support dual gigabit WIFI6 dual-core decoding

○ Support mobile game acceleration, dual-frequency intelligent switching


Single axis gimbal tripod

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103C8T6

○ The highest working frequency120MHz,64K Flash,20KB SRAM

○ Operating Voltage: Built-in battery DC3V

○ Communication mode: I2C, serial communication

○ Data communication: USB cable, Bluetooth

○ Using Bluetooth wireless connection, support one-key shooting for remote control within 10 meters

○ Support 270° free rotation bracket, wider field of vision


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