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Medical Electronics

With the increasing demand for daily medical monitoring, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, blood glucose meters and other household medical electronic products will be further popularized, and medical medical electronics will provide a variety of chip solutions.



Smart cervical spine massager

An Introduction:

○ Product name: Cervical spine massager

○ Product Size: 149*143*36mm

○ Power supply mode: Lithium battery (with charging port)

○ Working mode: pulse, constant temperature heat

○ Product features: One-key start, automatic shutdown, long battery life, multiple working modes, support for voice broadcast


Infrared Thermometer

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030K6T6

○ The highest working frequency72MHz,32K Flash,10KB SRAM

○ Product working voltage: USB 5V power

○ Accurate temperature measurement, error±0.2°

○ 0.1 second response speed, quickly measure body temperature

○ Support Celsius / Fahrenheit fast switching to meet the needs




Finger clip oximeter

An Introduction:

○ MCU model: HK32F030C8T6

○ Cotex-M0 32-bit core, maximum operating frequency 72MHz

○ 64KB Flash,10KB SRAM

○ Application: Medical, Home

○ Working voltage: DC3V (AAA battery*2)

○ Communication mode: l2C communication


Forehead gun

An Introduction:

○ MCU model: HK32F030K6T6

○ 72M main frequency, 32KB Flash, 10KB SRAM

○ Application: Medical, home temperature measurement

○ Working voltage: DC3V (AAA battery*2)

○ Communication mode: I2C communication

○ Sensor Type: Digital Sensor

○ Measurement method: non-contact fusion

○ Temperature measurement reminder: Vibration

○ Fever reminder: 37.5℃~42.9℃

○ Measurement range: Forehead 35.5℃~42.9℃

○ Measuring distance: 1~3cm




Eye massager

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030F4P6

○ Core Cortex-M0 working frequency 72MHz

○ 16KB Flash ROM、10KB SRAM

○ Support DMA, USART, SPI, IIC, ADC, RTC, etc.

○ Support Flash encryption function

○ Standby: 1.6uA@3.3V

○ Operating Voltage: 2.0V ~5.0V


UV ultraviolet disinfection box

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030MF4P6

○ The highest working frequency 32MHZ,16KB Flash, 2KB SRAM

○ Support serial port, IIC, SPI and other communication

○ Timed disinfection: automatic timing, stop disinfection when time is up

○ Low voltage alarm: automatic alarm when battery voltage is too low

○ Disinfection method: UV




Automatic induction smart handwash

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030MJ4M6

○ The highest working frequency32MHZ,16K Flash, 2KB SRAM

○ Support serial port, IIC, SPI and other communication

○ Power button protection: Power button on function

○ Support USB power supply, built-in lithium battery

○ Support infrared induction, high sensitivity


Smart Health Robot

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030C8T6/LQFP48

○ The highest working frequency 72MHz,64K Flash,10KB SRAM

○ Working voltage: DC5V USB interface built-in lithium battery

○ Support WIFI wireless APP control

○ Support voice control and voice broadcast


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