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Smart family

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Smart family

 A smart home is the smallest unit of a smart city. It takes the family as the carrier and combines new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and big data. Realize a low-carbon, healthy, smart, comfortable and safe family lifestyle.



Wireless microphone receiver

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F103C8T6

○ Maximum operating frequency 96MHZ 128K Flash 20KB SRAM

○ Application field: KTV, conference system

○ Working frequency: 600-900M UHF

○ Operating Voltage:DC12V

○ Working mode: wireless receiving

○ Support automatic frequency pairing to prevent crosstalk, multiple sound effects optional


Wireless microphone

An Introduction:

○ MCU︰HK32F031F4P6

○ Maximum operating frequency 72MHZ 16K Flash 10KB SRAM

○ Application︰KTV、会议系统

○ Working frequency︰600-900M UHF

○ Power supply mode: battery powered

○ Working way: wireless way

○ Working mode: wireless receiving




Konka fingerprint lock

An Introduction:

○ MCU model: HK32F103RCT6

○ Application: Consumer

○ Supply voltage: 4 batteries

Product features:

○ Support multiple unlocking modes

○ Support anti-theft alarm

○ The third generation of optical fingerprint recognition

○ Aluminum alloy panel

○ Military grade free handle


Edifier Speaker

An Introduction:

○ MCU: HK32F030K6T6 72M Main frequency 32K Flash

○ Power Amplifier RMS Power: 15W×2(Treble)+18W×2(bass)

○ Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA

○ Distortion: 0.5%

○ Channel separation: ≥45dB

○ Input sensitivity: PC: 700+50mV,AUX:550士50mV

○ Tweeter unit: 19 silk membrane tweeter,6ohm

○ Speaker unit: 4 inches (116 in the middle), 6ohm


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