Dunning skills: so dunning, the money will be returned
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Dunning skills: so dunning, the money will be returned

(Summary description)Dunning should be straightforward. Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to say something straight, never say sorry or go around.

Dunning skills: so dunning, the money will be returned

(Summary description)Dunning should be straightforward. Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to say something straight, never say sorry or go around.

  • 2014-07-26

1. Dunning should be straightforward. Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no punch lines. The most effective way is to say something straight, never say sorry or go around.

2. Before taking action, find out what caused the delinquency. Whether it is negligence, dissatisfaction with the product, lack of funds, or intentional, different collection strategies should be adopted for different situations.

3. Find the initial contact directly. Never let customers blame each other and lead by the nose.

4. Don't be aggressive. It is not advisable to find a way to vent your anger when you are rushing to pay, or even make extreme behaviors. Once the skin is torn, customers may rely on it, and it will become more and more difficult to collect payment.

5. Don't be afraid of losing customers due to dunning. Payment due, of course. Fear of making customers unhappy, or losing customers, will only make customers gain an inch, and encourage this bad habit. In fact, as long as the skills are used properly, the collection can be used as an opportunity to communicate with customers. Of course, if a customer insists on not paying, what's the big deal about losing that customer?

6. Make a decisive decision and suspend the supply in time, especially in response to the threat of "no more payment if the customer does not supply"; otherwise, it will only get deeper and deeper.

7. The collection time is very important, and the principle of "regular collection" is adhered to. The longer it drags on, the harder it will be to get it back. Research by foreign institutions specializing in collection shows that the difficulty of collection depends on the age of the account rather than the amount of the account. Only 20% of the arrears of more than 2 years can be recovered, while 80% of the arrears within 2 years can be recovered. .

8. One of the biggest missteps is asking for a partial payment up front. Experience has shown that full payment should be required, and while it is better to get a little than nothing, it is better to get more back.

9. Adopt a competitive collection strategy. As long as the customer is still in business, he has to pay the supplier. If you didn't receive the money, he must have paid someone else. Suppliers who get priority payment opportunities are usually businesses that maintain good long-term business and personal relationships with their customers, because no one wants to mess with a friend.

10. The collection must have "drilling energy" and the spirit of relentless pursuit. From my practice, I have figured out the strategy of "three closely followed" for debtors (business parties, the person in charge, and the person in charge of finance). on the way home. Although it is a bit excessive, I have to do it! Drops of water and stones are worn, and the rope is sawed and wood is broken, and sometimes it does play a role of "hard work pays off".

11. The collection must be "soft". Morally speaking, if you owe money to others, you are apologetic, and you should treat creditors with courtesy. But there are many debtors, some of whom treat you with a stern face, some are dismissive of you, and some even do not let you in! Say all the good things in the world, put on a sincere smile, and implement "emotional investment" in the "three kinds of people".

12. The collection must be "tenacity". Collection of arrears is a long-term and arduous business. Debt collectors must have perseverance and perseverance. Even if others unreasonably send you like a beggar, they must bear the humiliation and stand their ground. If you run away, you will lose all your efforts. Seeing a glimmer of light, never miss the opportunity, and at the same time learn to complain, not to sympathize with the other party, but to let the other party sympathize.

13. Get help from professional bill collectors or go to the law. There are always some liars and unreasonable customers who refuse to pay back their debts. To be reasonable with them is like "playing a piano to a cow". It is often difficult to use normal collection methods, while some very irregular and even ingenious methods of collection reminders can work wonders. . Therefore, when it is difficult to collect money, you can invite those "professional collection personnel" who have special collection capabilities and rich collection experience to collect the money. If this method still does not work, the only option left is to go straight to the legal route.

Dedicated to customers who do not pay back on time

Once there was an opportunity to put an account in front of you, you didn't know how to cherish it.

The first time, you said that you don't have time: (it's okay, then tomorrow)

The second time, you said that it happened to be urgent, so---- (that's okay, this situation is possible)

The third time, you haven't reached the checkout time (of course I won't rush you),

ok! You are dishonest again and again, until one day you lose it, you will regret it.

When you say "give me another chance". I will tell you: "impossible"!

You can tell me when you are in trouble, but you can't tell me every day that you are in trouble! Because I also have difficulties! As far as I know, the company is not a factory specializing in lending to people, nor is it that I am unreasonable and unreasonable. No one will ask you for money if they want to open or close their mouths. When it comes time to ask you for money, that is - you have no integrity!

As the saying goes: I would rather earn less than hang myself on a tree. You can say that I am arrogant, but you have to learn to compare your heart to your heart. I have always felt that quality is the foundation of a company's survival! And integrity is the lifeblood of a company's survival! No one's contribution is taken for granted, don't think that others are so good to you, they have ulterior motives! Don't always think that others make you how much money, that is the foundation of doing business, don't think that it is what others should do, and people should be content and happy.

Friends, please cherish everyone around you, don't let others think that there is no difference between one more you and one less you! That's when your credibility ends.





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