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Chip applications are a key area of focus for automotive applications today, ranging from traditional body and convenience and chassis and safety to smart and more innovative areas such as electric vehicles and ePowertrain.
It is estimated that 80% of innovations in the automotive industry today are enabled directly or indirectly by electronics. As vehicle features continue to improve with each new model, that means increasing chip content per vehicle.

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Air Shunxinpin supports a wide range of automotive applications, from internal combustion engine powertrain, window control and safety, body and convenience to telematics and infotainment.
Paving the way for a new era of vehicle electrification, vehicle connectivity and safety.

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Car diagnostic box — OBD
An Introduction:
  • MCU: HK32F030C8T6
  • Maximum operating frequency 72MHz 64K Flash 10KB SRAM
  • Application field: car diagnostic system
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Communication mode: CAN bus
  • Support CAN bus communication
  • Support various fault detection of automobiles
  • Support various fault code reading
  • Compatible with most models
Car smart window closer
An Introduction:
  • MCU: HK32F1030C8T6
  • Maximum operating frequency 120MHz, 64K Flash 20KB SRAM
  • Working voltage: 12V Quiescent current: ≤20mA
  • Support CAN bus control
  • Support door and window electric motor drive
  • Keep the original car remote control to unlock
  • Support PWM complementary function to control the positive and negative installation of inductive motor
Car smart window closer
Car smart window closer

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